the shirt dress

I got a job!! 

Watching dogs. That belong to my parents. For free. 

So, it's not exactly a job. But I've been thinking and talking about employment - or, more specifically, what I would wear if I was employed. As my friends prepare for amazing jobs in amazing cities (I'm so proud of you my little chickens!!), we've been discussing work-appropriate wear. And, citing several corporate internships and work with an e-commerce site offering a curated selection of corporate workwear for women, I'm offering myself as the definitive expert on all things office-appropriate (i.e. clothes that will get you noticed by your coworkers, but not by HR). Here are my two go-to's... 

The Shirt Dress... Best for casual Fridays and/or more creative, laid-back office cultures (e.g. Yelp or start ups). Ultimately, it's versatile (i.e. you won't look ridiculous wearing sneakers with it on your commute) and breathable (i.e. you won't die from a heatstroke while walking to your subway stop). My favorites include... MM6's Shift Dress, DKNY's Short Sleeve Dress, GANNI's Clark Dress anything by Veronica Beard (especially the Bell Button Down Shirt Dress and the Century Shirt Dress) and, of course, the ASOS Shirtdress I'm wearing here. 

Chic Flats (or platforms)... Yes, beauty is pain, but it's also a pain in the ass. Unless you're wearing wide-leg trousers or a mid-length dress or skirt, you don't really need heels. Instead, I like platform oxfords like these Stuart Weitzman Activate Platform Oxfords, mules like the Gucci Mule Slippers (honestly, I wear mine almost everyday) or the Steven Razzi Mules, and classics like the Chloe Scallop Flats and Valentino Rock Stud Flats (FYI: these are an equally cool, but more reasonable option). 


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