the blues

Inspired by the pictures, almost named this post, "Booty Booty Booty," but decided it was a bit forward. At the same time, it most likely would've received more clicks, because "sexiness" sells. Although, somehow it also attracts criticism. 

Where, as a woman who posts (awkward) photos of herself on the Internet, do I position myself? More importantly, how, as a woman in general, do I understand sex appeal in a society that both celebrates and demonizes it: wishes they saw more of it in themselves and condemns women who have too much of it?  

Undoubtedly, I'm not (and never was) a "baby woman" like Emily Ratajkowski. But, as flat-as-a-board, I still struggle to find, understand and express my womanhood. Often, I find myself caught between conflicting sentiments: how much skin is too much skin, and "I don't feel good enough to wear this." 

In that way, I (and a lot of other people do too, duh) make it far more complicated than it has to be by involving what I perceive as society's expectations of me and my own self-confidence. Luckily, I have control over both of those concerns. Not because no one get's to tell me what to wear (they don't) and because I have the right to wear what I please (I do). But because I get to choose the way that I think about things. And, regardless of how difficult it might prove, I get to choose to move beyond worries over society's and my own perception of my so-called sex appeal. 

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