meet wilson

Ignore, if you can, the fact that I literally had a photoshoot of myself and my puppy in my bedroom, because I'm a new mom!! Please do not, however, ignore my proper usage of the word literally!Meet Wilson, a mini Australian labradoodle and total love.

We are very happy and very in love... We are also a lot of work. In every way, Wilson has fit into my life perfectly, because I'm at the perfect point in my life after transitioning from working at a start-up and going to school to being a part-time student who's "finding herself." In many other ways, Wilson has totally changed my life: from waking up earlier, to going for walks, to thinking of something other than myself, to meeting my neighbors (like the Eastern European woman who mistook me for a dog trainer and politely invited me to train Wilson somewhere other than our building's courtyard). 

When I brought Wilson home, I think I felt a fraction of what I assume new parents feel when they bring a new baby home: a mix of terror, regret and overwhelming responsibility mixed (of course) with absolute joy, love and gratitude. And, like new (actual human) parents, I've caught myself questioning my competency as a mother, especially since I'm raising this little one on my own. I worry about who he spends time with, question his healthcare, doubt that I'm meeting his needs, and hope I'm loving him enough.  

Of course, I realize that I'm not actually Wilson's mother, and I don't actually think I'm a parent. But, the experience has given me an immense amount of appreciation for parenting. I can't imagine how my parents were able to let me have my own experience, to make my own mistakes, to learn the hard way. I can't imagine how much I (and everything around me) will change if/when I become a mother (to a human). I can't imagine (or wait for) all of the other things that will change my life experience in the way that Wilson has. And I can't wait for Wilson to learn how to put his toys away. 

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