denim on denim on denim

denim on denim on denim

Let us reflect on the most important fashion moment in history: Brittney and Justin's matching denim-on-denim looks at the 2001 AMAs. Because nothing pairs better with denim than diamonds. Except for a significant other in wide-leg patchwork jeans, an acid wash denim blazer (which must be ill-fitting to achieve maximum levels of chic), square-toe boots, and a matching denim fedora. Thank you Brittney and Justin for setting the bar so low for denim-on-denim (but oh-so-high for coordinating couple outfits). 

While I could not convince/pay/blackmail my significant other to join me in an all-denim look, I did convince someone to at least photograph me in my own. Which, in my [not so] humble opinion is really cute. 

And totally contingent on the right denim pieces, a.k.a. denim shorts that fit and make one's legs look good - which, for me, has been difficult. Not in the sense that I don't think I look good in shorts, but in the sense that I over-scrutinize my body (more on that later, but take this as a reminder to love on yourself and your beautiful, strong body!!). So, after a lot of shopping (the struggle! the horror!), I found a pair of shorts I really, actually, totally, completely love. And they were the cheapest ones I tried on - which, in the age of Vetements' $1,000 shorts, is important to convey. 

So, keep scrolling to shop *reasonably* priced denim pieces...