how to seem cooler than you actually are

how to seem cooler than you actually are

I didn't pay extra for the rips in this shirt, either!!! And, to state the obvious (again), that's the beauty of fast fashion: being able to experiment with trends without experimenting in suspect accounting to fund a "current" wardrobe. Because as much as I might want to be, I'm not a Jenner and do not have the ability to buy $1000+ Dior tees. No matter how much I believe we should all be feminists. 

Instead, I frequently shop at Zara and Asos, and mix "trendier" clothes with investment pieces and wardrobe staples. It's called "High-Low" and it's obviously not exactly a fashion revelation. Chiara Ferragni to Blair Eadie to Peace Love Shea to (sometimes) Kendall Jenner does it. Partially, I think that's why those women are so massively appealing: because through inviting us via Snapchat and Instastories into their lives, they offer the illusion of attainability and relatability, at least wardrobe wise. But, as a real person caught between the need for practicality, the lack of a stylist, and the reality of buying my own clothes (even if I do steal my mom's accessories), embodying just a bit of the cool Ferragni and Jenner imbue doesn't seem achievable to me. But hell, I also think most Insta-famous eighteen year olds are infinitely cooler than me. 

But, as much as I (half) joke, I know that the "cool-factor" (especially on Instagram) is all an illusion. So I fake it, too, making up for my lack of Insta-fame with a consistent aesthetic. I like to think I've succeeded at it. If not, don't tell me. Here's my strategy... 

  1. Pick neutral colors, avoiding prints - not only will neutral colors be more versatile (transcending seasons and trends), but most prints are readily identifiable, meaning people will know exactly where you got it.
  2. Pick higher quality fabrics - rayon, pleather, polyester silk blends (or anything that looks super shiny, stiff, etc.) rarely fit well, don't last long and don't look good.
  3. Find a jean brand that you love - jeans are hard, and I won't make a definitive suggestion because what fits and works for my body type won't necessarily fit and work for yours. I've found that Zara jeans are great for me (they fit, wash, and wear well), but Paige or J Brand might be your go-to. Regardless, find jeans you like in white and black (see suggestion #1). 
  4. Invest (if and when you can) in shoes, bags, sunglasses and sweaters - you'll use these the most... think about cost per wear (cost of item divided by the number of times you wear the item)! Plus, these items elevate everything else you're wearing. 
  5. Explore your "uniform" - find what outfits and styles make you feel most comfortable and confident. 
  6. Don't *ahem* bare it all - Look, it is not, in anyway, my place to say what other women should wear or how much skin they should show. I don't seek to judge women who wear more revealing clothes than I do, and I don't mean to suggest women who wear revealing clothes aren't "cool." However, in my experience, "cool" isn't mini skirts, sky high heels and low cut tops. Sex appeal doesn't have to be overt to be obvious. 
  7. Scroll down and shop my looks - hahahahaha 

Black Jeans $35.90

Black Heels (similar), $119.90

Black Ripped Top, $19.90 

Choker (no longer available, but easiest DIY, just buy black suede cable!) 

Lucite Shades (Vintage, shop similar), $95

Celine Nano, shop similar (but cheaper) here ($695), here ($495), and here ($198)!