facetune + primer


I've never received as many compliments on my skin (and subsequent inquiries about my skincare routine) as I have since Fifty Two East launched. So, I thought it was time I share my skincare routine, because there's one product I absolutely swear by and cannot live without: Facetune. 

Yes, you read that right. I Facetune the shit out of my photos, and I won't be one of those insta thots that pretend they don't. I whitened my teeth, and, honey, we can all tell you did, too. Maybe it's deceptive, maybe it's propagating unrealistic beauty standards, maybe it's vain. (It's definitely vain). But, it's also my blog. 

I wish I didn't want or need to use it, but I've never had that beautiful, angelic skin people notice from across a room, and it's always been a source of insecurity and frustration. I've tried what feels like everything short of Acutane - spironolactone, acid peels, birth control, different makeup, Proactive, double cleansing, countless serums, salves and tinctures. And now I know this: 

What works for your skin will not work for mine. What works for Kim Kardashian's skin will not work for yours (and you probably can't afford it anyway). What works for a family member's skin might not even work for yours. For example, taking your Greek mother's advice to apply Retinol nightly when you have the most Irish skin may result in outrageously dry, peeling skin. You live, you learn, you cry over irritated skin, then spend thirty minutes picking at it in the mirror. 

From experience (and reading every single article on skincare published by Into the Gloss and The Violet Files) I also know that picking picking at your skin is the worst thing you can do to it, aside from not wearing sunscreen, of course. So, I'm cutting down on the picking, increasing the sunscreen application and sticking to my skincare routine... 



Wash with gentle cleanser, usually Chanel's Lait Comfort or Cetaphil 

Apply Murad Dark Spot Corrector

Apply Glossier's Invisible Shield SPF 35 - it's actually the best sunscreen I've ever put on my skin, I can't say enough about how good it feels

Apply makeup unless working from home, starting with Glossier's Priming Moisturizer

Use Glossier's Balm Dot Com in Coconut 



Double cleanse with Lait Comfort or Cetaphil

Wash with Skin Smoothing Exfoliator, 2-3 times a week 

Remove excess makeup with Vichy Microcellular Water 

Apply Skinceutical's Age + Blemish Defense Serum

Moisturize with Glossier's Riche Moisturizer

Spritz Mario Badescu's Rose Water Spray - yes, I know superfluous this is, but I love it so much