doing things

I do a lot of things, sometimes I feel like a human-doing rather than a human being. In an ideal world, however, I would do very few things (like laying in bed, watching tv and eating sour patch kids all day). So, I make a concerted effort to limit the amount of active things, like running or cycling or working out in any capacity... And, yes, in light of this, I do realize how especially ironic these 'active' photos are. 

This makes my love for athleisure (athletic clothes and leisure clothes) kind of awkward. But Outdoor Voices (OV) doesn't make me feel bad about it. In fact, they make me feel pretty great about doing whatever the hell I please in my OV, because they're not the kind of company that glorifies the kind of hardcore, sweat-pouring, body-killing exercise I used to do (and now hate).

Although, OV is great for that kind of exercise, too. The material is lightweight but also durable and breathable, with the added bonus of not making you look like a rave dj. In short, OV is chic and practical, even if the only things you do are errands. 

**NOT sponsored** (but thanks for thinking Outdoor Voices would pay me to do this!!)   

Warmup Legging in Charcoal, $80, I buy the 3/4 length because, at 5'3, they hit right at the ankle

Athena Crop in Charcoal, $50

Nike Running Shoes, $52.99 (on sale!!)