all black everything
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First off, thank you! I am so grateful for and inspired by the sweet, positive feedback I received for my first post. As I expressed before, this is all a rather daunting experience for me - because, oh look, just another blogger bitch on the scene. So thank you to everyone who read and reached out with kind words. Really excited it's just not Mom and Dad reading this here stuff. 


Despite my first post - the hot pink effusiveness of it all - this is a better encapsulation of me. If, you know, an outfit can encapsulate a person. I just feel more comfortable in all black and oversized sweaters. Apparently, so much so that it was suggested that I call my blog Maybe if I ever rebrand. 

It's not that I hate color or pattern (although, honestly, I mostly do), but that I hate how ephemeral colors and patterns often are. Not only will bold florals be out of season (and style) within three months, you can't wear and re-wear them with the frequency of neutrals. Staples, I've found, are better investments. My per-wear ROI is excellent, for even as my style evolves, I can integrate basics in a variety of ways. In three years, I won't be cleaning out my closet, hating all the money I spent of things I wore only once. 

And maybe that makes me a boring dresser. Or a safe dresser. Or a boring safe dresser. 

Zara Leather Leggings (sold out) 

1. Blank Denim Vegan Leather Skinnies // 2. Blank Demin Vegan Midrise Leather Pants - I love this brand, so affordable, flattering and eco-conscious

French Connection Sweater (sold out in black, available in grey!) 

1. Vince Cashmere Poncho Sweater // 2. Vince Bicolor Crewneck - both favorites and on major sale

Chanel Boy Bag

Valentino Rockstud Pumps