gingham: prairie not included

I lay in bed as I write this, listening to ocean rain hit the tin roof. Rainy and fifty degrees, this is no weather for a dress or much less an off the shoulder dress. This, of course, is not the weather we hoped for as we planned our (last-minute) Spring Break trip to my hometown of Santa Rosa Beach. But after much uncertainty, a plane ride and a six hour car ride, I'm not disappointed in the weather, like I would traditionally be. I'm grateful - curiously delighted, even -  to show someone where I grew up, to see the old houses, coffee shops, beaches and roads through someone else's eyes. 

Typically, I obsess about the destination, needing every step of the 'journey' to be planned and outlined so I could get to the 'destination' as quickly as possible. This week, that wasn't possible, and - I'm happy to report - the uncertainty didn't kill me. This isn't intended to be one of those 'enjoy the journey' messages that feel over exuberant and sickeningly sincere. Rather, I'm having this new experience finding out that things don't have to work out perfectly in order for them to be exactly the way they're supposed to be. 

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ASOS Gingham Beach Coverup - I wear mine as a dress 

Aquazzura Sexy Thing Suede Pumps


More fun gingham pieces... 

1. Gingham Trousers with ruffle detail // 2. Gingham oversized dress // 3. Gingham skirt and top  // 4. Gingham frill crop top // 5. Gingham off the shoulder top  // 6. Gingham deconstructed skirt  // 7.  Large checkered gingham off the shoulder dress  // 8. Gingham bell-sleeve top