a few shades of gray

Did I pay extra for the rips? No, Dad, I didn't. And yes, Mom, I know big tees aren't conventionally flattering. 

I was going to write about big tees and how they connected to my relationship with my body. It's something that I do want to write about, because as much as we talk about women's relationships with their bodies, it seems that women rarely share about their personal relationship with their bodies. It's taboo, hard to share about, hard to properly describe in a way that won't trigger oneself or others. 

What I initially wrote was hastily, distractedly thrown together when I should have been paying attention in class. While true and heartfelt, it wasn't right - totally incomplete. I won't share about it until I can do it right - I owe that to myself and the women (and men) who may read it. 

But, regardless of how stigmatized big tees are (and no, I'm not using that word in an attempt to victimize myself and the very identifiable demographic who wears them), they're comfy and versatile. I wear them to bed, to run errands, to music festivals and to class. Are they lazy? Yes. Am I lazy? Yes. So, obviously, they're perfect. 

Into big tees, too? Scroll to shop! 

Grey Ripped Tee, $25.90 // Black Ripped Tee, $19.90 // White Ripped Tee, $19.90

Camo Bandana, $1.90 

Jeffrey Campbell Knee Highs, $190 - I've worn these to death, they haven't stretched out or lost their shape and (more importantly) they are way (way!!!) cheaper than the Stuart Weitzman lowlands! 

Chanel Bag, thanks for letting me steal this, mamma! 

Ray Bans, $150 - I bought them because I kept seeing them on Chiara Ferragni. Influencer marketing works.