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pink dreams

makenzi hogan
pink dreams

I have never dreamed of (or in) pink. In fact, pink (or any color, really) is something I avoid on principle - colors feel loud and garish in the context of being clothing. But this Robert Rodriguez silk coat circa 2011 just felt right. Of course, in retrospect it screams Victoria's Secret robe in a hopefully-chic boudoir way. Feel free to let me know. 

But the same reaction one might have to me wearing color (much less a pink silk coat) echoes the reaction I have to starting a blog: what the fuck. 

Starting a blog feels loud and garish, flashy in a way that suggests over-confidence, and redundant in a way that suggests I'm ignorant of the other million billion bloggers who probably pull off bubble gum pink better.

Yet, that self-effacement is a defense mechanism - you know, in case I don't become the next Chiara Feragni. Because I'm not certain that I'll become the next Chiara Feragni (or if anyone but my parents will read this), and a desire to be certain about my 'success' has always guided me. 

So, what's at work here is a tiny bit of willingness to try something at which I'm not absolutely sure I will succeed. Because I thought I was familiar with failure's crushing weight, that I knew what it looked like, that if I was careful I could avoid it. But true failure, I learned, is never trying. 

In keeping with my fear of failure, I'm going to try. 

Welcome to Fifty Two East. 

Valentino Rockstud slingbacks + Roberto Rodriguez coat (coat is no longer available, but...)

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