Fifty Two East
Fifty Two East


hey you.

Fifty Two East is the first half of an old address: fifty two east seventy second, New York, New York. A lot of names were tried on - a seemingly endless list of kitschy adverb plus adjective titles - but Fifty Two East just seemed to fit, even if there wasn't any immediate meaning behind it. 

And so, Fifty Two East was founded in 2015. It would undergo several (woefully neglected) iterations until 2017, when it began anew. 

First and foremost, Fifty Two East is intended to be a candid, honest lifestyle edit. It seeks to transcend things like aesthetic and wanderlust in order to share something relatable and meaningful. 

Fifty Two East is written by Kenz, a twenty-something who fully believes she's a fifty-something. While she's called Atlanta, Santa Rosa Beach, Cincinnati, Santa Fe, San Antonio and Manhattan home, she currently lives in Austin, Texas. She likes napping, neutral colors and buying coffee table books she doesn't read. 



Photo from Marfa, Summer 2016, taken by Anna Chudnovsky